Takuma Sato(Miyagi,1989) is artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science in 2011, his graduation thesis is “Logical Structure Seen in the Redesign Process of Wittgenstein”: Transformation and difference in Wittgenstein’s architecture and philosophy. In the master’s program, he began to produce works of installation and sculpture, in tandem with research of art in the 1960s, such as Mono-Ha, Land art, Conceptualism. Sato’s subject is identity of things and materialized act, referring to the matters about transformation, exchange and reproduction. his recent work include series of WYSASSS(2012-), (Post)Archetype(2018), WYSASSS ―― curated by Gottingham(2018). In 2017, he started for art and project space CAGE GALLERY(run by laicoS Co.,Ltd) in Ebisu, Tokyo.